MIUI Super Wallpaper Alpha gets a new update V2.6.450

MIUI 12.5: These Xiaomi devices supported Super Wallpaper

Xiaomi starts releasing the new update to MIUI Super Wallpaper Alpha that comes with firmware version V2.6.450-12052141-ogl. The update is available to download for every MIUI user who is using an AMOLED panel device. Read More: MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition New Update Status [January 09, 2022]

Xiaomi introduced the Super Wallpaper with MIUI 12. Later add some new Super Wallpapers to its collection with the release of MIUI 12.5. But the company later confirmed that new Super Wallpapers support models that have AMOLED displays and run on Snapdragon 8xx chipset or above.

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As usual, this release does not contain any additional changes or bug fixes besides the build version. To install the latest MIUI Super Wallpaper version, Xiaomi users will have to download and install the package of 58.9 MB.

  • Latest MIUI Super Wallpaper V2.6.450-12052141 >> Download

November 09

MIUI Super Wallpaper has begun to receive a new update that can be identified via build number V2.6.421-11031149-ogl which doesn’t bring any new features, bug fixes, or optimization. You can install the latest update via the link mentioned below.

  • MIUI Super Wallpaper V2.6.421-11031149 >> Download

November 01

Xiaomi is now begun to push the latest update to MIUI Super Wallpaper that is identified by a firmware numberV2.6.410-10251615-ogl. Read More: Download: MIUI 12.5 Stable Update for Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco devices

  • MIUI Super Wallpaper V2.6.410-10251615 >> Download

MIUI Super Wallpaper Alpha Previous Version:

MIUI Super Wallpaper V2.6.300-10081829 >> Download

MIUI Super Wallpaper V2.6.290-09181704 >> Download

Note: The above link from Miui System Updater and May did not work on Global ROM

Xiaomi rolled out MIUI Super Wallpaper Alpha new update V2.6.440

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