How to use Redmi Note 10 Pro as a TV remote [Redmi Tips and Tricks]

How to use Redmi Note 10 Pro as a TV remote

Tips and Tricks: Recently Xiaomi launches their Redmi Note 10 series which is come with an IR blaster.  It’s a nifty feature that doubles the Redmi Note 10 Pro as a universal remote for various electronic devices — such as a TV, set-top box, AC, fan, smart box, DVD player, DSLR, and more.

IR blaster that allows buyers to use Redmi Note 10 Pro as a TV remote, on the other hand, requires no such pairing and is compatible with some of the older devices that don’t offer Bluetooth or wireless connections.

What is Mi Remote?
Mi Remote is a Universal Remote Control app that works with your phone’s IR Blaster (Infrared Blaster) port. You can control almost all the appliances in your home with Mi Remote including TVs, Set-top boxes, DVD Players, Smart Boxes, Air Conditioners, Projectors, Cameras, and a lot more.

It’s a perfect app that helps you to get rid of keeping too many remote controls in your home and while you’re traveling. You only need one remote to control all of them and that is your phone itself!

How to use Redmi Note 10 Pro as a TV remote?

The Mi Remote app makes it incredibly easy to use your Xiaomi device to control home appliances around you. let’s know how to do that…

  • Go to Tools where you will find the “Mi Remote
  • Tap on the ” MI Remote” there you will find an option at the bottom “Add Remote”.
  • After tapping on the “Add Remote” option, select which type of device you’d like to connect like TV, Setup Box, Fan, AC, DVD Player, Projector, Camera.
  • Take your chosen IR remote and hold the power button while facing it towards the IR sensor located on the top (either right or left) edge of your phone.

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